Wood River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Wood River Oregon
The Wood River is a gem of a Spring Creek. It flows
through forest and farmland with huge trout hiding
under every bank, or prowling the grassy bends for
food. Migratory Redband rainbows and big browns
will challenge your fly fishing skills to the utmost. The
Wood River originates from a large spring in Kimball
State Park just to the northeast of Fort Klamath. It's
ideal dry fly fishing grounds for those up to its

The migratory Redband rainbows are in the river
during the Fall months. The large browns are
resident fish that hide under the willows and deep
undercut grassy banks throughout the season.

The Wood River flows through private property and
is best fished from a boat. Its currents are smooth
and steady and its waters never crowded. The best
thing the Wood River has going for it is that it's catch
and release only.

Although presentation is very important, equally
important is how well your fly resembles the
appearance and behavior of the naturals. You can
increase your odds of success if you use as realistic
imitations of the naturals as possible. That's why our
Perfect Fly flies work so well on this spring creek.  

There are prolific aquatic insect hatches that occur
frequently on the Wood River. The high pH of the
water provides the perfect water chemistry for many
species of mayflies, caddisflies, midges and other
types of aquatic insects. The stream also has plenty
of scuds available for the trout to eat. Blue-winged
Olives, Mahogany Duns, Pale Morning Duns, Spotted
and Green Sedges, midges, damselfly and dragon fly
larvae and other insects provide good fly fishing

The banks of Wood River are grass lined and
terrestrial insects are plentiful. Hoppers, beetles and
ants often get blown or washed in the river. The
large big browns and migratory rainbows can also be
taken on streamers that imitate baitfish and sculpin.

This great fishing is in the shadow of Crater Lake.
The stream has beautiful mountain views and is
home of many different species of birds including
owls, hawks and eagles. Not everyone enjoys spring
creek fishing but if you do, fly fishing the Wood River
is about as good as it gets.

Be sure to squeeze down the barbs on your hooks.
Rules require barbless hooks only.

The season is last Saturday of April through October
The Spring season starts off with good fishing.
Summertime is the best time for fly fishing the Wood  
Early Fall is good for the brown trout which spawn in
the Fall as well as the big migratory Redband
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (Redband) Wild
Brown Trout (Wild)

Small to Medium

Southwestern Oregon

Nearest Towns
Fort Klamath

Last Sat. of April through Oct. 31


Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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Wood River Oregon
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Photo Courtesy Steven Lamb
Wood River Fishing Report:
05/03/14 The season is now open on the
Wood River. One customer reported catching
several smaller trout on our Blue-winged
Olives nymphs.  He is fishing the Klamath
Basin area.
Fishing Report Updated 10/27/19
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Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
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stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
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05/10/14 Two customers ordering more
BWOs and streamers reported they have
been doing well catching trout on a
consistent basis. Stream and weather
conditions are still good.
05/17/14 Good reports from the
customers we mentioned last week.
Conditions are good and fish are being
05/24/14 Caddis have begin to hatch
and more trout are being caught. We
had three good reports this past week.
Conditions are in excellent shape.
05/31/14 Another good report came in
this week from a customer ordering flies.
The stream is in good conditions and
trout are being caught by most anglers
that are fishing. A few PMDs have been
spotted in addition to plenty of spotted
sedges (caddis).
06/07/14 Conditions remain very good.
Lots of caddis and a few PMDs. Excellent
06/14/14 Two customers reporting they
are catching plenty of trout. Conditions
remain excellent with lots of aquatic insects
06/21/14 More good fishing reports have
come in on the "not so easy to fish" Wood
River. Anglers are catching trout and
ordering more flies. Good conditions prevail.
07/05/14 Hot weather is ending some
hatches making terrestrial insects more
important. Most anglers are catching a few
07/19/14 Plenty of PMDs and some tiny
BWOs are about it for the mayflies but
there are plenty of Spotted and Green
Sedge caddisflies hatching.  
07/26/14 More good fishing reports from
anglers ordering flies this past week.
They report that fishing is as good as it
gets on the Wood River.
08/10/14 We have continued to get some
good fishing reports from customers the
past two weeks. Hatches are slowing down
but plenty of trout are still being caught.
08/16/14 Two more good reports from
anglers ordering more flies. They are
catching plenty of trout on the Trico hatch.
08/30/14 Three good reports came in the
past couple of weeks. Some are not doing
well and others are. BWOs, scuds and
hoppers are working.
09/13/14 Two more good reports from
anglers ordering more flies. Ticos and
BWO's, size 20, are bringing the most
action. Some large browns are being
09/27/14 Continued good reports have
come from the Wood River for the past
two weeks. Fish very small BWOs and
very light tippet.
10/11/14 We received two good reports
from customers fishing the Wood this past
week. Color water temperatures and more
Blue-winged Olive hatches has helped.
10/18/14 Another good report from a
customer. Midges and BWOs are hatching
and cloudy weather is a big help.
10/25/14 More good fishing reports. It
is producing consistently.
03/28/15 Season is closed until April 25,
2015. We will resume these report just
prior to the start of the season.
04/18/15 Just a reminder that it is only
about a week until the season is open. Let
us help plan your first trip.
04/25/15 The season is open. Little Black
Caddis, BWOs and midges.
05/23/15 As usual, we are getting mixed
reports. This isn't a push over stream. Guys
that make good presentations succeed.
06/13/15 Three good reports from
customers the past two week. Pale
Morning Duns, Spotted sedges and Green
sedges, and more hatches taking place.
06//20/15 More good reports. Great
07/04/15 Sure it is hot on the angler but not
the trout. They are eating a regular diet.
Two good reports. Terrestrials becoming
07/11/15 Good reports continue to come in
from our customers. Cooler weather is
07/18/15 Lots of PMDs and Spotted
sedges hatching and trout being caught.
07/25/15 We think this is one of the best
options for trout fishing in the state right now.
08/08/15 Two good reports from customers
last week. Plenty of caddisflies and
terrestrials are also working.
08/15/15 Little change in the conditions
except no chance of rain for the next week.
08/29/15 We do get some good reports in
spite of the hot weather, but that is changing
fast. Cooler air temps should help the
fishers. Rain should help liven up the spring
water and conditions improve some..
09/05/15 Two good reports came in from last
week. BWOs are hatching again along with
the PMDs and Spotted sedge caddis.
09/12/15 Right now, the Wood is a great
option for trout. It is still hot but that's
changing next week. It will be much cooler.
09/26/15 Cooler weather has really helped
the anglers. Since it's a spring creek, it
affects the water little. Customers are
catching trout consistently with BWOs back
the main insect to imitate.
10/10/15 Very good conditions and a few
large trout are being caught. Lots of caddis
and BWOs. Terrestrials and scuds are also
working good.
10/24/15 Two sizes and species of
Blue-winged olives are hatching. With the
cloud cover this coming week, conditions
should be excellent.
10/31/15 The fishing season is closed.
02/06/16  It isn't too early to plan your next fly
fishing trip. Please be advised that we have
taken samples of the aquatic insects and
other foods and know (don't guess) at what
you should imitate and when you should do it.
We are also the only company in the World
with specific imitations of all the major aquatic
insects in all stages of life that are applicable.
The season usually starts off very good with
May and June bringing about the best fly
fishing opportunity. We will be glad to help you
with the details. Calls or send us an email:
Map of Wood River Oregon
02/13/16 Make sure you check out our Scuds
and sowbug flies. They are very realistic and
effective in all spring creeks.
02/27/16 Two of the most popular flies we
have for the Wood River is our
Damselfly Nymph and Dragon Fly Nymphs.
03/26/16 The season will be starting in about a
month. Now is a good time to be planning that
next trip. Shoot us an email and let us help you.
04/16/16 Just two more weeks to go but plenty
of time to shoot us an email and let us help get
you started off right with the correct imitations
of the insects that are most plentiful.
04/30/16 The season is open and is off to a
good start. Midges, aquatic worms, sculpin,
blue-winged olives, and scuds are the foods
you need to imitate.
05/07/16 Two good reports came in from
customers fishing this past week. Lots of BWOs
are hatching and great conditions.
05/21/16 Lots of caddis are hatching along with
the BWOs. It is close to the time the PMDs will
begin to hatch. Conditions are good and our
customers are reporting catching a lot of trout.
05/28/16 Two good reports from the past
week. Pale Morning duns are starting to hatch.
06/18/16 The Wood has been constantly
producing some very good trout for our
customers. Blue-winged olives are the main
hatch but there are many others. Give us a
call or email at: sales@perfectflystore.com,
and we will be glad to send you a list of flies to
match the hatches taking place.
06/23/16 The stream levels are still high but
the water mostly clear to lightly stained.
Streamers are catching trout.
07/02/16 The stream is in good shape with lots
fo hatches taking place. Scuds, BWOs, Pale
Evening duns, Pale Morning duns, Spotted
sedges, Green sedges, and other insects are
07/23/16 An excellent stream to fish with the
low water levels of other streams and the hot
weather. Late afternoon spinner falls and egg
laying caddis is the best time to fish the creek.
08/06/16 The weather is cooler making it more
comfortable to fish. The water is in excellent
shape with hatches taking place and good
numbers of trout being caught.
08/20/16 This is a choice destination with the
hot weather. The water remains cool and the
trout in good shape. Tricos, lots of caddis,
and terrestrial imitations are working good.
09/03/16 The water is low but the weather is
much cooler, so you can still catch plenty of
trout. Mahogany duns, BWOs, Tricos and
10/08/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. It isn't
because the fishing has been off. It has been
excellent and getting even better. The cloud
cover helps keep the trout less spooky and
the hatches more intense. Good conditions
exist and now is a good time to fish the river.
02/11/17 Just a reminder that we will be glad
to help you plan that next trip. It won't be long
before April is here. Send us an email:
02/25/17 There's just a little over a month left
before the season. Shoot us an email and let
us help you plan that next trip.
04/01/17 The season will open in about a
month. Now, is a good time to be planning
that next trip. Send us an email and let us
help you.
04/22/17 The season opens a week from
today, so let us hear from you. We don't
guess as to what you should be imitating. We
know from entomology studies.
04/29/17 The season is open. Let us hear
from you. Conditions are good at this time.
06/03/17 Sorry for the lack of reports. There
are good numbers of trout being caught and
lots of hatches taking place. Excellent
07/01/17 Great conditions with cool water
and lots of hatches. Our customers sent in
two good reports from the past week. There
are lots of PMDs, three species of
caddisflies, damselfly nymphs, and dragon
fly nymphs. There  are scuds and other
trout food imitations that are working good.
07/29/17 Excellent reports from customers.
Lots of trout being caught. Plenty of hatches
and Jap. Beetles, Car. ants are working as
08/19/17 We received two good reports
from customers fishing this past week. Good
numbers of trout being caught. Good PMD
and Spotted sedge caddis hatches.
09/16/17 The river is in good shape, with
cool water and active trout, but as usual, not
a pushover. We received two good reports
from this past week.
10/31/17 Season closes today.
08/29/18 The river is turning out some nice
trout. PMDs, Spotted and Green sedges
and other insects and crustaceans.
10/15/18 Sorry for the missed reports. The
river is in very good shape with good BWO,
Mahogany dun and midge hatches taking
place. Damsel and dragonfly nymphs, scuds
and sowbugs are also working.
12/27/18 Season is closed but you can send
us an email and let us help you plan that
next trip to the Wood.
06/19/19 Sorry for the missed reports. Trout
fishing is very good at this time. Stream flows
are good and there are lots of insects
hatching. This coming week should be a
good one. Shoot us an email for a
recommended fly list.
07/05/19 The river is in very good shape
with some nice trout being caught. It is as
good as it gets.
08/05/19 Lots of PMDs, BWOs, Spotted and
Green sedge caddis, damsel and dragon
flies. Good reports coming in from customers.
09/20/19 We are getting some good reports
from customers. Imitatiions of damsel and
dragon fly nymphs, 3 caddis species and
other insects are working good.
10/01/19 The river is producing some nice
catches for our customers. There are still
some good hatches and plenty crustaceans.
10/20/19 We are still getting good reports
from our customers about the catch. Lots of
BWOs, Mahogany Duns and Midges are
10/27/19 The river is running near normal
and the sunshine and mild temoeratures
should make this next week a good one.
There are several hatches going on and we
are getting good reports.