Yaak River Rainbow Trout
Copyright 2017 James Marsh
Fly Fishing The Yaak River in Montana
The Yaak River reminds me of the Great Smoky
Mountains with respect to the fact the streams were
at one time, almost destroyed by excessive logging.
It has taken the Yaak River many years, but it's
becoming once again, a great little trout stream.

You will probably never see the river on the front
page cover of a fly fishing magazine because it is in
a very remote location. Fly fishing the Yaak River
won't ever be done under crowded conditions. It's a
sleeper stream that's practically never fished.

The Yaak River, also called the Yahk River,
originates in the Purcell Mountains in southeast
British Columbia. The river flows into Montana.
There it receives the East and the West Fork Yaak
Rivers. Just below the West Fork, it receives the
South Fork tributary.

There are many more smaller size tributary streams
such as the Hellroaring Creek, Burnt Creek, and
Spread Creek. It flows into the Kootenai River near
Troy, Montana. The Yaak River and majority of its
tributaries are in the Kootenai National Forest.

The river is divided by Yaak Falls into what's
considered the upper and lower sections. The upper
section above the falls and up to Yaak Village
provides some very good fly fishing opportunities.
The stream in this area is suitable for wading in most

The lower section below Yaak Falls flows through a
canyon. Access is difficult in this nine mile stretch of
the river. It consist of very fast water with plenty of
rainbows but is rather difficult to negotiate.

Fly fishing the Yaak River is best during the Summer
but it can be good any day of the season.
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing the Yaak
River except during the time of the runoff.
Summertime is the most popular time to fish the river.
Early Fall can provide some good fly fishing
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Brook Trout

Small to Medium

Northwestern Montana

Nearest Towns
Yaak Village Montana
Troy Montana

3rd Sat. May - Nov 30th

Access is great in upper section and
difficult in the lower section

Non-Resident License
State of Montana

National Weather Service Link

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